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At The Quirky Hedgehog, our fudge is specially crafted with a three-month shelf life, making it ideal for wholesale distribution. As the leading provider of quirky and delicious fudge in the country, our manufacturing methods set us apart. We have perfected a unique process that enables us to produce high-quality fudge in large quantities, ensuring exceptional value for our customers.

We proudly supply our fudge to various shops, distribution agents, and wholesalers across the nation. Despite our success, we remain a small-scale business, allowing us to establish close partnerships with each customer and cater to their specific needs. Whether you prefer our standard packaging or desire your own customized branding, we are here to accommodate your preferences.

By purchasing our fudge in bulk (minimum order of 50 packets), you not only benefit from a plentiful supply but also enjoy cost savings. We can guarantee a 80 to 100% profit margin when selling our fudge. Get in touch with us today to discuss your unique fudge needs and explore the possibilities of our collaboration.

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